August 8, 2016

Evening Sky

I gotta tell you that there have been so many awesomely beautiful sunsets earlier this spring.

I worked alot of hours and I would see the sun go down from my office and I would take a break and go out to our parking lot and see this wondrous vision. Well, OK, to me this wondrous vision as opposed to my office.

This was in April of this year. Just really nice coloring. I could see the promise of this sunset. I could just imagine the orange and red hues about to emerge.

I also would see these.



But the best one is this one. It was if the sky was on fire. I have not seen a sky like this since. This is where God was showing us all his glory. Sorry for the religious reference but you get my meaning.

I have not seen it's equal and I doubt I ever will.

Just awesome.

August 2, 2016

Being Single?

Erma Bombeck once wrote a book titled "Life is better over the septic tank."  Well, we always say that the grass is greener over there. I can honestly say that being either single or married the grass is always going to be greener over there.

I am single and I am ready to not be single. I have to admit that there is a freedom in being single. For instance:
  • I don't have to share the bathroom. 
  • I can take as many or as long a shower as I want. 
  • I can cook whatever I want whenever I want. 
  • I don't have to be home at a certain time or check in with anyone. 
  • Plus the most enviable one is I have sole control over the remote control.

But for the greener pasture side of things:
  • I don't have anyone to share the bathroom with and I miss him shaving and me putting on my makeup and doing my hair tussle. It can be fun. At least that is what I am told.
  • No one to take a shower with either. Hint hint, wink, wink. 
  • I don't have anyone to cook for or have anyone to eat whatever I cook with at the dinning table, couch/sofa, or even on the floor for that matter.
  • I don't have anyone wanting me to come home either. Wouldn't it be really nice to say "Honey, I'm home." And have something other than a meow come back at me.
  • Ok - sole possession of the remote control is cool. But no one to share watching TV with. I am willing to compromise. I think.
There are many other examples but you get the drift.

So what to do about his scenario?  That is where I have a problem. I live in a town that has a ratio of single women to single men is about 8:1. Most of the single folk want to be single. These folks tend to be divorced. Need I say more.  I go to church and there are mostly women and married men.

I don't stay home in my little cocoon all together. I go out to dinner and attend events. As most of my friends will tell you that I am not all that shy either. I will go up and say Hi to someone.

I was at a baseball game with some friends and my single girl friend had her boyfriend with her. And he asked my friend why I was single since I was so fun and nice looking. Note: He said that not me. But wasn't that nice?!  I sure don't hear that very often.

Now I know what you are going to say. There is the online places., etc. Well I am old fashioned and I kind of draw the line there. But I am seriously considering it. But other than online, what is a girl (ok a mature woman) to do?

Open to ideas.

Have a great day!!!

June 12, 2015

Bucket List, Cont...

To add to my previous post about the list I have started on things I would like to do or experience before I leave this earth. Also known as a Bucket List.

So in no specific order, here we go.

  • Go to Scotland - I have dreamed of going to Scotland since I was little girl. Ok, so at that time it was something to do with the Bay City Rollers. But still for some reason I have had a dream (and to this day) of going to Scotland and hiking in the Highlands, exploring Edinburgh Castle and Royal Mall, and heading over to Glasgow area to see a very old but vibrant city.

  • Fall Colors of New England - I live on the west coast in California. We don't get those vibrant colors that more extreme weather areas typically see. I have always dreamed of see the fall colors of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts,  New York, Connecticut, and Maine. I want see those wonderful oranges and yellows and browns of Fall in New England and drive over covered bridges and see the ubiquitous church steeples of the small towns. Wait - did I already talk about this one? Yep I did. Well it deserves another mention.

  • Go on a Cruise - I would like to go on a cruise sometime in my life. Not just the 3 day cruise to Puerto Vaillarta or some place in Mexico. But a real 7 day cruise out at sea. To see what everyone is so excited about. After all I grew up watching the Love Boat after all.

  • I would like to see famous battlefields - Such as Gettysburg, Lexington, the Alamo, Normandy, Culloden, . My Dad went to Gettysburg and was a Civil War/WWII buff. I, too, have a great interest in history. But my Dad's impressions of the many battlefields and has seen reenactments he has seen were very special to him and to me. I have hears so much about these battles and what the men and women went through that I would like to see these for myself.
  • I  would really like to work on a real working Ranch someday. I  know it's weird and you want to say "Hunh?". But to revisit something of the Wild West and be on horse and gather some cows and rope something. That's just sounds pretty nifty.
  • How about Disney World. I hear it great! Just to say I have been there. Ride the rides and see all kinds of attractions. Yeah I would like to go there someday.
  •  Then there's Australia. To see the Sydney Opera House and the great outback. To see where the Thorn Birds only talks about.  
So that's the current list. Just like in life the list changes, grows and shrinks.  But these have really stood the test of time.
  • To round out the Travel portion of my List - There is London and all the sights to see there. Who knows maybe even see some Royalty.